The Treegrowing  Club of Iceland.

Our club promotes tree-growing in Iceland, and  experiments with tree seeds from other countries to find out which types can flourish in this country. Members include keen amateurs and some experts in the field. Many experiments of course fail, but there are also notable successes which encourage us to keep trying. The club works in close cooperation with The Iceland Forest Service which conducts forestry research at Mogilsá, in the vicinity of Reykjavik.

club members
The Forest Service provides us with a large heated greenhouse  where  tree propagation and early growing takes place and also with a 20 hectare plot of land for an arboretum, which will show many species of trees raised by the club, both local and from different areas of the world. Our members plant their trees in their own land, ranging from plots as small as half a hectare to complete farms with tens or even more than a hundred hectares. Saplings raised in the greenhouse are thus distributed to many locations in the country, which provides valuable information on how they perform in varying climatic and soil conditions.